About Top Projects Co.


Top Projects Company has been established and started operating in Middle East Area Syria- since 2000.

Top projects, were achieved with the purpose of trading company as the following titles:

Construction sector

Construction equipments

Fire fighting trucks and equipments

Rescue equipments


Garbage trucks

Sewer trucks (canal opener)

Water tank

Asphalt tank

Fuel tank

Gas transport tank

Dump truck

Semi trailer (tanker-dumper-loader)

Street sweeper

Earth moving machines

Road machines

Asphalt plant

Concrete plant


Agriculture machines and equipments

Generating set

Material handling


Laboratory Test Equipments

Airport Equipments

Cable / Camera / Metal / Pipes / Locators

¦ Garbage and refuse collection plant

¦ Water Treatment Plant.

Top projects company has been dealing with European countries , England , Asia, China , U.S.A, turkey as we are well represent for famous and good companies specialized in our range of our products .

Our relation business ship with those international countries come for move expanding and developing in our company variety wide range of international of brands and products , high quality and technology to serve and provide our customer with the best offer (technical and prices).

The success was gained by specialized knowledge, skills, qualities, professional job by experts company .

Top projects, has already implemented a comprehensive quality managements system confirming ISO 2000- 9001 at all products manufacturing including high quality and a competitive price which leads to long-term cooperation with our customers to reach a good products.

Top projects, always following the newest activities ( technical and technology ) with their high experience engineers department and specialized qualified managers for all company sectors to satisfied the customer and done a major successful deals .

Top projects have adopted a policy of providing the excellent export service (after sales) and selling facilities to all its clients both national and international and middle east-Area .


Top Projects Co.