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Airport Equipments
All airport handing equipments - Lighting system Run way sweepers.

Airport Run way cleaning equipments, airport Fog dispersing equipments.

Airport Birds caring device Vehicles aircrafts towing (tractors) airport Trolleys and conveyors for luggage and freight handling.

Airport Cargo loaders Hangars and servicing shelters.

Portable Platforms and stairway mobile Gangways.

Telescopic for passengers Runway de-Icing equipments Vehicle for passengers.


¢ Buses

¦ top projects company import all type of large-and medium sized buses from European and china.
top projects company importing the certified corporate high technology in china's bus industry  of top brand products.
the complete products mix consists of 8 series and more than 100 categories covering road bus, light bus, city bus, urban bus , tourism bus , transportation , luxury bus,……..etc
from 6 meter light bus, to 18 meter high-end luxury bus according to the customer desire.
high technology specification made to have the best safety factor for customer relief. type buses working by Diesel , Gasoline , Gas , capacity from 10 passenger 80 passenger .


¢ Electric Vehicles

¦ Top project company Import by sharing the environment emission climate by using Electric vehicle, this kind of vehicle could be use in golf area football stand and closing stadium- Airport tunnel. Ambulance rescue……. etc.
we offer a high-quality products and proved to be highly competitive in term of  performance, price, service and safety. The vehicles one designed to satisfy our client’s requirements and large range of application both for commercial and  industrial use.
Vehicles fit from 2 person up to 12 persons.
on board battery high-frequency up to engine capacity 4 k w. 100 km. European ISO Certificate . 



Products Gallery >> Airport Equipments